Francesco - Bios

Born and raised in Bologna (Italy), the famous city of tortellini and mortadella. There, I started academic path (2009) joining the Biotechnology program of the University of Bologna. At that time, I served as  students' representative and president of the National Biotechnology Students Committee (CNSB). I organized meetings, national conventions and statistical surveys aimed at harmonizing and improving the quality of biotechnological education in Italy and Europe. 

For my MSc I moved to the Netherlands and studied Plant Boiotechnology at the prestigious Wageningen University (2013-2015). Within that framework I spent a few months in Davis (CA) as visiting scholar. At the moment, I am a graduate research assistant at the University of Florida, where I work on molecular breeding and quantitative genetics in Blueberry. All in all, I had the chance to participate to a number of research projects that you can find in the "Former Research" section of this site. You can also find my linkedin profile clicking here or clicking the button "Linkedin Profile" at the bottom of each page.



Junior Molecular Plant Breeder, avid hiker and nature-lover. Botany and Entomology are my main passions.


Feel free to contact me should you be interested in collaborating. I appreciate innovative ideas and multi-disciplinary approaches:


The best way to predict the future is to invent it -Alan Kay-